Affordable Finance for Emerging Market Lenders

A blockchain based platform that provides the alternative financiers that lend to small and micro businesses with access to capital from international lenders.

Why we started Kinetic Credit

Small and micro businesses in Emerging Markets have huge unmet funding requirements ($331bn+)

The Alternative Finance providers that lend to them require access to additional capital at affordable rates

Kinetic Credit makes it safe for international lenders to lend to Emerging Market alternative financiers, starting with Africa

Benefits of using Kinetic Credit

Large Market

83% of the total funding needs of small and micro businesses in Africa are unmet, equating to a funding gap of $331bn ($5.2tn all Emerging Markets).

Attractive Returns

Token holders who lend through our platform will receive interest in US dollars at 12-15% per annum on each loan that they make.

Reduced Risk

Only established alternative financiers with low risk of default can access the platform. Each loan is protected by a platform wide borrower reserve account.

We lend to established alternative financiers with low risk of default

Licenced Unsecured Lenders

Asset Leasing Providers

B2B Marketplaces

Invoice Factoring Companies

Borrowers are pre-qualified* to ensure compliance with minimum conditions before joining the platform. This includes checks on i) legal registration, ii) operating history, iii) director details, iv) key financial and operational metrics, v) credit bureau data (if available) and vi) borrower process for on lending.

*checks will be concluded by Kinetic Credit in conjunction with 3rd party providers

How It Works

1. Registration

Register an account with individual or company profile and digital KYC. A wallet will then be assigned to you.

2. Top Up

Purchase Kinet tokens directly from your account using cash or other cryptocurrencies.

3. View Loan Opportunities

View dashboard of all active loan opportunities. Select loans that you want to participate in and USD amount to lend.

4. Contribution + Collection

Enter into a smart contract to loan money to the borrower using Kinet tokens. Automatically receive tokens representing principal and interest on loan repayment dates.

1. Registration

Register an account with company profile and digital KYC. A wallet will then be assigned to you.

2. Loan Application

Fill out new loan application including relevant company and financial information. Upload supporting documents. Only Prime borrowers will be accepted onto the platform.

3. Acceptance + Exchange

On closing day, accept or reject final loan offer. Acceptance enters you into a smart contract with all lenders. Receive tokens and convert them into local currency. Fund the borrower reserve account.

4. Repayment

Receive automated invoices ahead of each repayment date. Fund your account in local currency and automatically repay lenders.

Blockchain technology performs many essential functions

Money transfer between International lenders and African borrowers

Using our tokens brings down the cost of international money transfer from c.7% to almost zero.

Translation between fiat and cryptocurrencies

We exchange tokens into local currency for borrowers and local currency into tokens for lenders.

Systemic risk sharing with all borrowers

10% of each loan is locked up for 2.5 years* within a borrower Reserve Account as collateral to offset credit default and currency fluctuations.

Decentralised System

Loans are issued as smart contracts on the blockchain including loan and repayment terms, borrower repayment history and lender returns

* Lock up remains for 1 year post repayment of the loan

Software development is largely completed

Our platform is based on the Stellar cryptocurrency platform. Stellar processes transactions faster than Etherium and other established ICO platforms, offers negligible transfer fees and provides access to a decentralised trading exchange on day 1 so that our tokens can be traded.

Marketplace + Wallet
Live (Beta v1.0)
Borrower Credit Limits
Live (Beta v1.0)
Loan Smart Contracts
Live (Beta v1.0)
Loan Collection
Live (Beta v1.1)
Currency Exchange
Nigeria Live Kenya, Ghana, Cameroon Sept 2018.
Non Prime Credit Scoring
Live (Beta v1.0)

Coming to you in Q2 2018

Want to learn more?

To find out more about Kinet tokens, Stellar Blockchain and Kinetic Credit, download the document below.


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